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Project Tango builds on top of Google's Android Operating System adding three novel technologies:

  • Motion Tracking
  • Area Learning
  • Depth Perception

Developers can build apps with Project Tango technologies using three APIs:

  • Unity
  • Java
  • C

A Project Tango Development Kit 7" tablet device is available - codename "Yellowstone".
At the time of writing, this wiki is primarily concerned with software development using the Yellowstone hardware.

United States, South Korea, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

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Q. Where is the Mapper App?
A. Project Tango Constructor was released summer 2015. TangoScanView can view Constructor files on most Android devices.

Q. Is there a warranty?
A. A 1-year warranty was introduced summer 2015. Rooting may invalidate the warranty. Unlocking the bootloader definitely does.

Q. Is there a phone?
A. The first Project Tango device was a handset - codename "Peanut". A Snapdragon 810 developer handset was announced and then cancelled. Intel produced an Atom-based 6" phablet with RealSense and Project Tango. Lenovo are producing the first consumer device in summer 2016.

Q. Which carriers are supported with the SIM card?
A. T-Mobile US and Project Fi confirmed. Yellowstone uses the same NB106-N radio as the NVIDIA SHIELD tablet. See supported bands.






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