Device Support

A Tango device must have Tango hardware to support Tango services working on the device. The Tango SDK must support the specific make/model device or else the Tango Core app installed on the device will not work, so the Tango services won't work.


Peanut phone
Peanut was compatible with Tango services from its release in 2014Q1 until shortly after Google stopped supporting it in September 2015.

Project Tango Development Kit

AKA Yellowstone tablet
Yellowstone support began with its release in June 2014. Its support by the Tango SDK is scheduled for deprecation after the SDK's 2017 "K" release. Any Tango Core releases after that deprecation that use SDK features introduced after that "K" release will fail, so the Tango services will fail on the Yellowstone.


Phab 2 Pro phone
Phab 2 Pro support began with its release in November 2016.


Zenfone AR phone
Zenfone AR support is scheduled to begin with its release that's announced for Summer 2017.

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