App Permissions

Tango services require the app consuming them to grant permission to use them. Depending on the Android SDK version used to compile the app the app user might be required to grant permissions at install time or at runtime, in addition to those granted by the developer at build time.

Best Practices

  • Android SDK version 17 is the Peanut phone, 19 is the Yellowstone tablet, 23 is for the Phab and Asus.
  • 21 is convenient if you want certain Compat libraries without targeting 23, so that your app uses legacy permission handling. This will result in all your permissions being requested at startup, which isn't good UX, but is a decent temporary fix without having to implement run-time permission handling.
  • The right thing to do is probably min=19, target=23, but you should check permissions during onResume, as it is possible for a user to background your app and remove permissions.
  • Best practice is to use fragments for the permission requester as this will prevent your activity being suspended, which the Tango service doesn't handle terribly well.
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